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Testimonials and Case Studies for HelloTeam

Award Winning Customer Success

“Our customers are asking for both technical advice and HR process advice, and our team takes great pride in always being able to help with both.”

Collin P, Director, Customer Success Team

“From the start, HelloTeam has been much more than an engagement solution… it’s been amazing.” - Chelsea P., World Connection

We helped business process outsourcing provider World Connection not only survive their company's transition to remote work, but thrive with engagement features and performance review solutions.


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“We switched to HelloTeam because it encompasses everything,” - Kate R., Thycotic

Access Management software company Thycotic took advantage of HelloTeam’s integrations and performance management features to revamp their employee lifecycle.


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“HelloTeam just really stood out above all the rest. It’s an intuitive platform, it’s easy to use on the back end, and it just has a lot of great features that I love.” - Jamie W., BORN

We helped digital commerce agency BORN Group turn themselves into an exceptional talent destination by supporting their culture while boosting their recognition & retention strategies.


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