OKR Sins – Six Common Mistakes Made When Using OKRs

OKR mistakes

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method is a popular and efficient way to guide a workforce into achieving a long term goal for a company. By setting an Objective (a broad mission statement) and several Key Results (shorter, measurable assignments) great strides can be made in a quick and organized manner. The method seems […]

The OKR Method for Goals and Why You Should Use It

OKR method

There’s nothing more important when managing a team than setting specific goals for them to work towards. These goals, however, come in vastly different forms.  Your staff can have trouble focusing on accomplishing tasks when one goal is set for the end of the quarter, one is waiting at the end of the week, and […]

Goals Management: How to Create Professional Goals


Many of the world’s most successful companies leverage one of the major goal methodologies to provide a framework for achieving success. Goals give employers a  means to evaluate an employee’s value and provide an employee with guidance on what is expected of them. Goals are equally beneficial to both parties and creating a framework that makes […]