Every step in the on-boarding process of a new hire is vital, from before they begin their job, to their first day, initial 30 days, 90 days, and 1 year with the company. In this useful

guide, we offer a step-by-step checklist for managers and HR practitioners on how to deliver a successful on-boarding experience.

Before Start Date of the New Hire

Responsible Department: Human Resources

  1. Collect employee resume
  2. Job description
  3. Signed offer letter
  4. Signed employee obligation agreement
  5. Background check (when applicable)
  6. Prepare new employee welcome letter
  7. Prepare welcome packet (physical or virtual) including: job description, welcome letter, mission and values of the company, etc.
  8. Assemble new hire welcome gift box
  9. Set up cubicle/office space with supplies
  10. Call or email employee:
  11. Confirm start date, time, place, parking, dress code, etc.
  12. Identify computer needs and requirements
  13. Provide contact name for orientation and offer a brief explanation of what to expect on Day 1

Responsible Department: Information Technology

  1. Issue building access/key card
  2. Prepare technology equipment and software
  3. Set up phone, if applicable
  4. Activate employee email
  5. Add employee to relevant email lists
  6. Activate other relevant systems: Salesforce, LogMeIn, others
  7. Supply network instructions
  8. Supply printer instructions
  9. Supply MS Office instructions

Day 1
Responsible Department: Human Resources

  1. Be available to greet the employee at the scheduled time
  2. Take employee on an office tour
  3. Collect new hire paperwork
    1. W4
    2. I-9
  4. Review Benefits Enrollment
    1. Health Insurance
    2. Dental Insurance
    3. 401K
    4. Stock Options
    5. Short Term Disability
    6. Long Term Disability
    7. Life Insurance
  5. Collect Direct Deposit Form
  6. Collect Emergency Contact Form
  7. Review hours of work. Explain policies and procedures, use of vacation and sick time, holidays, safety and emergency information, etc.
  8. Enter in Payroll/Benefits System
    1. Employee Name
    2. Employee Title
    3. Department
    4. Manager
    5. Salary
    6. Start Date

Responsible Department: People Operations, HR Business Partners and Direct Supervisor

  1. Introduce employee to their team and others in the workplace
  2. Take employee out to lunch
  3. Set up employee profile in HelloTeam, including org chart and dashboard
  4. Review HelloTeam platform functionality with the new hire

New Hire Responsibility

  1. Complete employee profile in HelloTeam (See New Hire Introduction to HelloTeam Platform)

As you welcome new members into your organization, the process with which they are brought into the culture and learn the ropes will leave a lasting impression and ultimately shape their career with you. A well thought out on-boarding experience is vital to an employee’s success,. These are steps we take within our own organization and are a framework for you to take an adopt in yours. Next, we will explore the first 30 days, 90 days and 1 year steps. Stay tuned!

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