We all know how much of a hassle managing several different online platforms within your company can be. Making sure each system is updated accurately is tiring, and can lead to errors down the road. That’s why HelloTeam has created a network of integrations to make your transition from platform to platform seamless and to give you an enhanced ability to get work done.

From data transfer to security, everything is perfectly in sync to save you time and eliminate the headaches of inconsistencies between platforms. HelloTeam gives you the freedom to focus on what matters while we work to keep your info aligned – focus on your teams and your people, not your database updates and username/password challenges.

Single Sign-On for Simplicity and Security

We now have integrations with Microsoft, Google, ADP and Apple for Single Sign-on, easing your team’s ability to use HelloTeam without needing to set up another username and password.  Security settings such as two-factor authentication will also be imported from your hub. We wanted to make things more simple and secure for your teams, and through our partnerships, we’ve ensured it.

HRIS Integrations for Automation and Accuracy

We’ve come together and linked up with other leaders in the HRIS field to make sure the HelloTeam platform is as complete an experience as we can make it. HRIS platforms enable businesses to maintain and monitor core HR, benefits administration, and payroll, which, when paired with our engagement, talent management and communications platform, acts as a winning formula.

We’ve integrated and partnered with a number of HRIS providers to streamline the process of importing new and current employees onto our platform. Transfer all their data in minutes, so you can get right to work on using HelloTeam features. In addition to easing your onboarding to the HelloTeam platform, our tech includes the ability to automatically update your data between your HRIS and HelloTeam on a regular and scheduled basis to ensure that your employee data stays accurate and aligned as your Teams grow and change.

If we do not yet have an integration with your HRIS or payroll provider we can easily do a CSV import of your Employee data, and will be happy to help put this process on a regular schedule for you as well.

Our current HRIS integrations include: ADP, Paychex, Namely, Bamboo HR, Prism HR and Paylocity, and we will continue to add more.

Collaboration Integrations to Extend Engagement to Your Teams

Collaboration and communication are the building blocks to becoming a successful company, regardless of the sector you’re in. We know that you can’t stick teams in boxes – your method of communication should be the most natural and convenient for your workforce.

That’s why HelloTeam has integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams, two of the leading names in office communication. If your team is one of the many that uses their messaging capabilities, we have smart platform collabs that extend the HelloTeam experience into these tools.

Keeping your communication methods consistent is crucial to ensuring your team stays on the same page and never misses a “high-five”, a “thank you”, or a performance review.

Rewards Make Recognition Real

To round out our suite of integrations, we have a program that complements the systems that help you get work done — by rewarding you for that hard work. 

Divvy is a program that rewards employees based on their performance with customizable prizes and events. When linked with HelloTeam, the number of High Fives or Badges a worker gets can accrue and be exchanged for rewards such as Bluetooth speakers or gift cards.

You can even customize the rewards to be whatever you want – whether gifts or parties, the possibilities are endless.

Each of our integrations represents a different way to sync with the HelloTeam platform, and together, they produce a holistic all-in-one solution to managing your team. If you’d like to see how HelloTeam’s integrations can streamline your workforce, schedule a demo today!

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