In our humble opinion, a lot of HelloTeam’s features set it apart from other employee engagement platforms, including virtual high fives and customizable org charts. One of our proudest features, though, isn’t even found on the platform itself – it’s in all the different places you can actually access HelloTeam.

Since different HR leaders keep their eyes on all sorts of software marketplaces for employee engagement & retention solutions, we wanted to bring HelloTeam to all of them. You can spot us on Microsoft AppSource as well as the ADP Marketplace, where we just so happen to be a Platinum Partner. We’ve made sure to allow single-sign on with both Microsoft Teams and ADP to ease your team’s transition if you already use either system.

You can also request a demo on, the software review site whose users have left us over 100 five-star reviews and whose experts have given us dozens of exclusive badges.

Our Integrations

As HelloTeam is more of an employee engagement solution than a payroll and benefits solution, we know that you may have two separate systems working alongside each other. That’s why we’ve made sure they no longer need to truly be separate! HelloTeam has integrated and partnered with a number of HRIS providers to streamline the process of importing new and current employees onto our platform. Transfer all their data in minutes, so you can get right to work on using our features. 

In addition to easing your onboarding to the HelloTeam platform, our tech includes the ability to automatically update your data between your HRIS and HelloTeam on a regular and scheduled basis to ensure that your employee data stays accurate and aligned as your Teams grow and change.

If we do not yet have an integration with your HRIS or payroll provider we can easily do a CSV import of your Employee data, and will be happy to help put this process on a regular schedule for you as well.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP offers industry-leading online payroll and HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefit administration and more. HelloTeam’s integration with ADP Workforce Now® allows you to sync high-level employee information such as Name, Email, Date of Hire, and Manager to enable seamless employee updates that can be used to keep the org chart in sync, send out performance reviews based on hierarchy, and more! You can find HelloTeam on the ADP Marketplace right here!


BambooHR is another HR software made for small-to-medium sized businesses that specializes in people data and onboarding. If you’re already working with BambooHR, we can meld with their features to totally streamline your HR processes. Automate the import of new and current employees onto our platform and transfer all their data in minutes so you can get back to work combining BambooHR’s employee data with HelloTeam’s engagement and performance features. You can find HelloTeam on the BambooHR marketplace!


Plenty of us have dedicated payroll systems, but those payroll systems rarely come with any features that employees, well… enjoy. Change all that by introducing HelloTeam to Paychex and combining the payroll/benefits a working office needs with the rewards & engagement features a working culture needs.

Microsoft Teams

Long, clumsy email chains are, thankfully, an ancient relic nowadays. Modern offices both on-site and remote have shifted to using apps like Microsoft Teams to communicate quickly in specialized groups. Knowing this, HelloTeam has synthesized its notifications with Microsoft Teams so that you can receive high fives, performance review notifications, and meeting updates right on your favorite messaging platform. You won’t have to switch windows much when some of HelloTeam’s best features appear right in your group chats! If you want to learn more about how HelloTeam integrates with Microsoft Teams, check us out on Microsoft AppSource.

We also integrated with Slack, Namely, and PrismHR!

HelloTeam from anywhere?

Believe it or not, we can get even more accessible. HelloTeam is a mobile app!

Say Hello to staying up to date on company news and events, new hires, work anniversaries and more. Our app’s Survey feature enables you to send questions and polls out to your employees in an instant. You can survey your team to get feedback on culture, engagement and business strategies, as well as to conduct Health Checks and Return to Work questionnaires.

You’ll be empowered to use our Communication and Engagement tools to keep everyone connected on the go. Enable your team to stay in touch through an easily-accessible Employee Directory, where you can find essential contact information and touch to call and email. You can even give a quick high five to a teammate to spread positive recognition to anyone in your organization!

Our app includes:

-Updating Company News and Events

-Interactive Employee Directory and profiles to easily contact teammates

-Updates including new hires, birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions

-Virtual High Fives (Peer Recognition)

-Ability to respond to all Surveys from culture feedback to health questionnaires
It’s available on both the App Store and Google Play – bring the HelloTeam experience away from your desk today!

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