Between developing a culture, motivating your team, and providing crucial feedback, it’s easy to see why one-on-one meetings are becoming a primary means of communication for people leaders in modern workplaces. Sitting down with your team members individually will be much more impactful than arranging boardroom meetings for updates.

One-on-ones seem simple on the surface, but there’s a lot that goes into really nailing them. Getting them right is important, as it’s the difference between enabling/aligning your workforce and just wasting their time. You’ll know when you’ve hit a great stride with your weekly meetings – you might even see it reflected in your company’s productivity. 

While these meetings are traditionally filed under the “performance management” category of leadership, running exceptional one-on-ones can significantly boost employee retention and engagement. When your team enjoys sitting down with their supervisors and communicating effectively, every part of your workplace benefits.

There are countless tips, tricks and techniques to developing a perfect groove for your one-on-ones. Of course, everyone works and leads differently, so certain lists will sync better with certain leaders. To remedy that, we simply created a comprehensive scroll of pieces of advice that you can weave into your meetings. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a leader or an employee yourself.

Mastering one-on-one meetings isn’t as simple as some think, but when you concentrate on making the best of them, they can be a powerful way to engage your team while managing their performance. It’s one of the most important employee engagement strategies you can develop alongside your team.  Go forth armed with your favorite tips!

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