We live our lives in front of our screens. The swift transition to remote working environments has caused many employees to spend even more time on screen. It is no wonder then that companies today experience unique challenges when it comes to employee communication. How do we prevent oversaturation with the constant bombardment of emails, texts, and calendar notifications for virtual or in-person meetings? 

Effective communication is key to building a strong culture, especially for teams with employees in decentralized or remote locations. Establishing a strong system of communication should be a central focus of Chief People Officers and People Ops leaders in order to keep employees feeling connected, engaged and inspired. 

Keep in mind that the key to communication is consistency! Inform your people of the important events within your organization, and invite them to share the happenings of their lives as often as possible– without overstimulating them. 

Here are 6 topic areas companies should be communicating about if they want to develop strong, healthy company cultures:  

1. Acknowledge New Employees

When a new person joins, your team wants to be in the know. Any information about the new individual will benefit both their comfortability level with the new team and the team’s comfortability working with this new person, whether it be their position in the organization, their background, or their favorite hobby. 

2. Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Accomplishments

Though it seems like another unimportant burden, it is critical for organizations to acknowledge and congratulate employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, and any other accomplishments– regardless of the size. Whether it be an individualized birthday e-Card or an announcement at an all-hands meeting, taking the time to show your appreciation for your employees shows that the company cares about them and their personal growth. 

3. Share News and Upcoming Events 

Most companies have decentralized, global teams– especially in this day and age where remote work is dominant. Communication with employees about external and internal events makes them more aligned with the organization as a whole.

4.  Publicize Open Positions

Fuel growth of your organization and motivate your employees by announcing open positions on a regular basis. This provides your employees with the opportunity for upwards mobility that they may not have even been aware of. 

5. Announce Employee Promotions and Job Changes

Boost your team’s morale by announcing and celebrating promotions within your organization. This shows that your organization is invested in their employees and is willing to capitalize on the strengths of their existing employees, increasing engagement and motivation. 

6 .  Communicate any HR and Regulatory Changes and Updates 

It is crucial to communicate changes in benefits and laws that can affect employees and their families. It is vital that human resources policies are communicated whenever there are changes in consistent messaging, as to not confuse employees about any changes. 

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